Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Royal Opera House chairs, and the new upholstery!

Way back in time I said that I had acquired some pure wool herringbone fabric for £12.50 and was going to have the chairs recovered?
 Before - with damask tablecloth dyed grey and seat pads squashed from 10 years use.....

After, with 100% pure wool all reupholstered........ 

Here's the pattern..... this is the true colour, the other pic makes it look dark for some reason.

And here is one of the chairs in situ in front of the painted cabinet.

And guess what?  There is still some fabric left so what a bargain that was!  The chairs are oversized, because they were stage props originally, (hence the dyed tablecloths of the original covering) but they are so comfortable, we have never sat on better, which is why we have had them recovered.  They will never make antiques, they are only painted rubber wood, but we love 'em!