Thursday, 28 July 2016

Bed and Breakfast tales - 10

We are having a busy summer here at the cottage, and meeting lots of lovely travellers.  More tales stored  away for future reading!

But today, let me tell you about the couple who stayed one night on their way to look after some animals whilst their friends had a holiday.  They were both young, and in the first flush of a transatlantic romance!  It's always a joy to see people younger than me looking forward to a good life together, and I always cross my fingers and hope it works out that way.

This couple were good company and fun to talk to.  So why are I writing about them?  Well, in our bathroom we have a little metal basket.  It's full of the things you might have left behind or things you urgently need, like toothpaste, soap, miniatures of shower gel, body lotion, shampoo, toothpicks, cotton buds, women's requirements etc.  It has a little sign that says "help yourself" and sometimes guests do, and sometimes they don't.  After they had gone I went upstairs to strip the bed, take the washing downstairs, and clean through for the next guests...... in the bathroom, the little metal basket was totally empty! This has never happened before or since, and I have never been able to make up my mind whether I had entertained a kleptomaniac or a person who was down on their luck with no money!

Ah well, I didn't begrudge any of it, and the sign does say help yourself .... but so odd to see three toothpicks and a few cotton buds  as well as the toothpaste, a spare toothbrush and every single other thing - gone!  It's OK - I have spares - always.

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