Friday, 29 July 2016

Mrs Mac suggests - what to read in August.....

I've been thinking.  Do you ever read a book and think "this would make a brilliant film"  or a great TV series? 

So for August, I am suggesting you

find a book you think should be made into a film or TV series

My own suggestion  is the Christopher Fowler stories of Bryant and May, two elderly detectives who really should have retired but who won't.  Their style of solving crimes does not please Scotland Yard, but always gets results. The first one is Full Dark House.

The author suggests you can read them in order or not, but I  started with the first one, was hooked and read them all in order. He says:  the novels are written chronologically, but can just as easily be read out of order (in fact, some volumes benefit from doing so, the exceptions being ‘On The Loose’ and ‘Off The Rails’, which should be read together). The cases take on the different styles of the classic detective stories.

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