Sunday, 31 July 2016

Rude Girls in the Garden - late July

I love day lilies.  As the name suggests, each flower only lasts a day.  If your plant is healthy, you get several buds on each stem, and they have a season of 2-3 weeks and then it's over, so you really do have to plant them with other things so that when not in flower, something else is.

All the day lilies on this particular entry have no names.  Well - obviously they do, but they were all "bitsas" i.e. bits of plant given to me by others or bought at fetes or sales with no labels except Day Lilies.

Some of them are very new to me and so have only had one flower stem like this beautry on the right.  Also, some are not so happy in their current situation, so this Autumn I shall be moving them about a bit and giving them a bit of  a feed (need some research, unless a reader has a foolproof recipe and leaves me a comment!)

This one (left) is the oldest and biggest root, and has to be split this Autumn.  She's been glowing away each summer for about 10 years now, the clump is huge, but flowers are less.  I found out this year that day lilies should be divided every 3-4 years, so this huge clump will be split in September .... and I already have a good home with a neighbour up the road for one of the divisions.

This one right) is the newest in the garden.  A glorious dark, dark, nearly brown colour, but due to it's position, I could not get a straight on shot this time. I used to refer to my day lilies as my "Blousy Ladies" - but keeping up with modern jargon must be done, and so now they are my "Rude Girls"!

And yes, you are right, these three are NOT day lilies.  But they bloom at the same time, my red hot pokers.  This last hot spell boded well for these, as slugs love 'em, and some years I get none at all  as the slugs eat right through the stems as they start to shoot up.  I am a non-chemical gardener, it's something I have to grin and bear - but great result this year.

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