Thursday, 8 February 2018

Happiness for Humans - P Z Reizin

  When Jen, employed to "talk" to Aiden so that he learns lots of new words and ideas, finds herself discussing her favourite film with him, we know that this is going to be an interesting ride.  Certainly Aiden has some sympathy (really?  are they supposed to feel that ?!) for her having been recently dumped by her partner because well, he just found someone else.  Aiden wants to try his hand at matchmaking, and here you have to suspend belief because of course, AIs are not supposed to step outside of their programming, and who would programme one to match make?  The characterisation is very good, Poor Jen, who just needs to get a spark back in her life; her tough but lovely best friend Ingrid, Aiden the AI, and Aisling, another AI and ..... well if you come across the book, just get stuck in.  The Ais have definite characters, and the humans are not bad either.  By the way, Aiden and Aisling have escaped from the lab, and are whizzing around the world wide web, finding out interesting things for their selves, and generally having a bloody good time.  Until.... well, there is a villain out there - had to be really - and a very bad one indeed.  Which is when things start to go badly wrong.

A delight to read. I just ploughed through this in one day, and loved every page.  If you spot this one, do have a go.   Just over 400 pages, and I had a spare and long afternoon in front of the wood burner.  Nice way to spend the time!   Definitely will be in my top ten for this year.