Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Mrs Mac Suggests - What to read in March '18

Well well, most of the UK seems covered in snow,  and the Siberian winds have taken us down below freezing.  Lots of reading for me, just breaking to load the woodburner!  But stocks are low-ish now, and our next log delivery cannot be here until next week.  Oooer!  But nil desperandum - our woodshed holds all those bits of wood that don't have to be paid for - ends of skirting boards, old garden posts, and the remains of ornamental trees cut down by my bloke on the instructions of his clientele.... but not me.  I will take any of those small trees, Mr Mac cuts them into apropriate lengths and into the wood shed they go.  Geting rather near the floor now, but I believe we will make it!

Anyway - press on.  What to read in March?  Well, I have quite a pile, but 

I suggest you read a nice chunky book based on a real life character, or written by one.

I've had this on my shelf for  too long, given to me by a bookie friend who died some years ago.  I need to read it, so I will.  It's 

   The Final Confession of Mabel Stark - Robert Hough 

Good reading my friends, and just now please keep warm. 

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