Sunday, 4 February 2018

Palm Oil free - Trevarno Soaps and other products

Sometimes, even at my age, I want to change the world.  And I get upset that I can't.  The plastic in the oceans; the loss of rain forest..... just two of the things I cannot change on my own.

When I have B and B guests the drinking water I supply them comes out of my drinking tap and goes into a glass (and therefore washable and reusable) bottle for their bedroom.  There.  That was easy, wasn't it?  Perhaps you could change the bottles you buy for just one glass bottle and fill it from your tap daily.

Palm oil plantations replacing original forestation including areas of jungle and rainforest.  What to do?  It's in everything in the bathroom.  But not for much longer since a friend of mine gave me, as a gift, a bar of the soap below.  Today's blog is not an advertisement.  I don't know anyone from Trevarno, and Trevarno did not approach me nor pay me.  What happened was that this little gift made me think about my little one person stand.  Then I thought maybe if I told readers about it it could be a few persons stand.... and so on. It might become a "thing"!

The company is not owned by Big Pharma, and it's products smell out of this world, too, so when my bar is finished, I am going to order more.  And other products too - because I don't need to put money in Big Pharma, and I want to save the world.  And of course it's a UK company which helps our economy.  Here's a link to their website:

Organic Rose & Jojoba Soap Trevarno Skincare

Maybe you won't like the products.  But you might find something palm oil-free that you do like, You only have to read the label!  And by the way, thank you Mary for buying me the first bar!

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