Thursday, 1 February 2018

Minnow on the Say - Philippa Pearce

A book for children  - but children of all ages. This wonderful tale of a canoe (Minnow), two boys and a hidden treasure enchanted me, and I suspect, many other readers.  If this title is new to you, seek it out, have a go, it may do the same for you.  The late Philippa Pearce was also the author of Tom's Midnight Garden, rather better known - but may I suggest that you find this one and read it.  I was taken up almost immediately when the boy who finds the canoe, and the boy who is the rightful owner, find each other and become friends one long English Summer.

 David finds the canoe at the bottom of his garden after a stormy few days, lodged against a little wooden landing stage.  His Dad suggests that it could do with waterproofing, reminds him that it must have an owner, and that he should at least make some effort to find out who that owner is.  But of course, being a grown-up, also suggests that David reports the find to the police, which he does.  The village policeman is not very interested..... so David takes the cannoe out on the river, and of course comes across the rightful owner, Adam.  A boy similar in age to himself, and a boy, just like him, wanting adventure!  The friendship is forged very quickly, and when Adam tells Tom of a lost family treasure that he needs to find soon or disaster will overtake the little family that he has left, Tom is only too keen to join him and solve his friend's problems with the aid of a sixteenth century verse.

  Their adventures whilst seeking a that treasure are just wonderful.  I was in that canoe myself!  But nearer and nearer comes the day when it will too late if the treasure is not found, and the boys are desperate.  The sort of adventures that any child worth their salt would want! 

For good readers 8+;  for reading aloud,  and for a child of any age at all - 9 to 99.

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