Friday, 1 June 2018

A Little Canadian Adventure! Part 2

If any reader was looking for a new kind of holiday experience - perhaps when you read this you will think about the Eastern seaboard of Canada.  I don't personally know anyone except close family of our own friends in Nova Scotia who have been there, and it's lovely!  Enough of the selling - let's move on to our own travels.

 Eating and drinking are all part of the joys of holidays, so overlook that bottle of wine on the little island there!  Breakfast is never heavy, so if we're out we are looking for a nice lunch.  Mahone Bay has a lot of eateries for a small town, and we were tempted by the name of a fish restaurant which goes by the fun name of OH MY COD!

We also took a ride along to the town of Lunenburg, where we found another treasure.  The most lovely bookshop where every book has been read by one of the owners and has a short paragraph on a slip of paper inside telling you what they thought!  Couldn't get enough of it and wished it was in my town!  Managed to only buy four books but then we travel light these days and that was three more than I should have.  Click here for their website   And of course, look out for their lovely bright board on the street outside.  You can't see them, but just behind the board and outside the shop door are two bright blue Adirondak chairs where you can sit and examine your "just boughts"!

 Now it's a quick pack and a cheery wave and we are out the back porch and on our way to Yarmouth for a few quieter days at 1020.  We wave at the little house as we drive on.  Lovely.

We love Frenchies, but if you don't come from that part of the world you won't know what I mean. It is an entirely Nova Scotian shopping experience.... a cross between a designer outlet and a jumble sale - No! Really!  You will spot the sign in the oddest of places, always a big separate unit.

Stop that Car!

Go inside!

 (Take 10$ Canadian and a spare hour).

Clothes are hanging up, Clothes are bundled up into big flat sided table top units, around 8ft x 5ft (ish). You need to dig around in the units, and look at every piece of clothing (and other stuff too, because my friend has loads of Ralph Lauren bedding!)  If you like a scramble, this is a fun occupation for a while.  And you just might get some serious bargains.  The last time we visited Mr Mac acquired a navy cotton drill Armani jacket (no, seriously); and this year a Ralph Lauren sports shirt, a long sleeved Fruits of the Loom Tshirt and a short sleeved ditto.  All new, and less than 10$ Canadian for all three.  Brilliant when that happens!

And then, on 19 May, like a lot of  others, we watched Mr and Mrs Harry Windsor's wedding!  Up early as in Nova Scotia the Wedding was scheduled to start at 8.00 am and we had a short drive up the coast to the venue.  We left the boys to do "boys' stuff", and sat down for some serious Royal watching.  8 or 9 women, some seriously dressed up for the occasion, some not so serious - Colette and I had a red sash each and the "Order of the Fish Plant" on display, the rest with a few fascinators, or paper crowns, but all truly keen to see the wedding.
Image result for harry and meghan wedding pics Enough food for around 25, and a lemony cake "just like theirs!" says our host.   Champagne available, coffee on tap, and a jolly good time had by all, so thank you Shelagh.

We don't lay on beaches and get tanned, but we sure do enjoy our holiday adventures!

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