Sunday, 10 June 2018

A Little Candadian Adventure! Part 6 - the last days.

Time for a couple of silly days now.  Just doing the old roads round this part of the coast, we decided that, following Sandra Phinney's description (see part 5), we would "do" Cape Sable Island.  No ferry needed, as there is a causeway to drive over.  We drove right to the end looking for Hawk Beach, but the road ran out in front of a couple of houses.  I think that in the summer, a gate is open and you walk across fields to the beach.  However, as we are not sun seekers nor North Atlantic Ocean swimmers (!), we turned back.  The major road (330) does a loop of the island but there is another loop nearer the mainland where we found this lovely quiet spot.  It's referred to as Bull's Head Wharf.   Just once in a while I get what I call a "Calendar Shot"..... I mean if I was looking for pics for a next year's calendar, this would definitely be one!  I mean - one third sky, two thirds land, good colour  etc.  What the picture does not tell you is that at our back was a fish plant!  No shame there.  People have to make a living, and we watched them unloading crates by hand and walking them to the plant.  A nice way to spend an hour or so with a picnic - away from the crowds!

On the way home we drove through Shag Harbour, thinking about the UFO landing of 1967, which Chris had told us about.  Looking out on the way through just spotted the sign.  Nothing much there as far as we could see but I looked it up and found this article and if you like unexplained phenomenon, this is a good one!  A proper visit next time, eh?!

Our last ride out was to Tusket, and then on to Quinan.  Tusket where the big Ford dealer was an Acadian gentleman - Mr Entremont,  who Mr Mac talked to about the British Treatment of the French in the old days, and the world in general.  Tusket where the Tusket Falls Brewery is.  Tusket where you take the opposite road and head off along the road to and through Quinan courtesy again of Sandra Phinney, who took her canoe, turned off at the church and went canoeing.  We didn't, but we had a fun  time just the same!  Fun, because we found two odd things.

A fish that swallowed a mail box!  It just made us laugh, and, if we used mail boxes, we might have had to invest in one.... Apologies to the Surettes whose box we captured on film.

 And then we spotted the sign below -

Vaughn Lake - Bed and Breakfast.

Stop. The. Car!  Laughing, we did, and walked down the lane to an empty house.  Nice business opportunity for someone because although secluded, it looks a darn site better than Bates Motel!

 But of course the reason we laughed is that we have a friend who truly is called Vaughan Lake.  I'm going to tell him I didn't know he had a B and B in Canada!!

And we went to lunch in a wonderful little restaurant called The Creperie in Yarmouth with Colette (here she is taking a photo opportunity at an exhibition of some of Maud Lewis paintings in Yarmoth that we went to see).  Good food, fabulous hostess and a quick tour of the house. 

So thanks to our Ford Escape (Kuga in the UK), we enjoyed our explorations.  She rode well over any kind of road, and sat high, so that we didn't miss much.  Here she is:

And that's it for this holiday.  Lovely times, good chats, delicious food (more scallops please!) and Oh! weren't we lucky with the weather this year!

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