Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Shermouse Holmes takes to the road

Shermouse Holmes has taken the road to find the body of Trevor Smallsqueak,  following his murder by Fred Maclean, who is still out on bail.  The body disappeared from a porch in the Big 'uns house two weeks ago, and no trace has been found.  Despite Holmes' claim that he would solve this mystery, it seems certain to everyone but himself that he will not.

He has left his deerstalker at home, and hitched his caravan to his Mini, and is now, quote, "covering every inch of the gardens in the surrounding area".  He thinks it likely that this journey will take some time, but says he should be able to report back within about four weeks. If he finds that body, this reporter will eat his hat.

Tongin Cheeeeeek reporting for the Daily Fieldwhiskers. 

Copyright SusanMaclean

Friday, 12 August 2011

Body missing: Greatest Mouse Detective on the case!

The recent murder of a member of our community by Fred Maclean, currently out on bail, is followed by a mystery.  Who stole the body of Trevor Smallsqueak?  The local police have hired Shermouse Holmes to investigate.

"At present, I have very little to go on" said Mr   Holmes.  "The body was left on a sheet of paper, and the big 'uns were overheard saying that the body had just disappeared before they could give it a decent burial.  This is simply not good enough, bless my whiskers, no!  I have inspected the paper, on which there was no sign of foul play, just a few mousie hairs.  If a huge gust of wind blew the body off the paper, surely the body would be visible to us?  Having looked everywhere in the vicinity, it seems to me that an opportunist was passing and took the body.  After all, Maclean was inside the house warming his godforsaken body by the heating machine, and his sister was also inside.  I am going to speak to the Smallbird Community who live nearby, to see if they can throw any light on this.  They may have seen something.  There are whispers of a Raptor in the area - Mr B Uzzard is a known mouse snatcher, and he may have spotted the body from on high, and swooped".  Mr Holmes has assured the mouse community that he will solve this case later, rather than sooner.  
Tongin Cheeeeeek reporting for the Daily Fieldwhiskers. 

Copyright SusanMaclean

Monday, 8 August 2011

Mouse Murderer arrested today!

 Mouse police reported today that a feline, Fred Maclean,  had been seen yesterday playing with a live field mouse, which two humans managed to remove from his grasp, whilst his sister Mabel looked on.  However, a mouse witness said "even though the big 'uns managed to get it out of the house and hidden in the undergrowth, by the state of him he would have been unlikely to last the night, poor barstard".  Mouse police were moved to apprehend Maclean today when he was found actually clutching the dead body of his latest victim,Trevor Smallsqueak.  Sargeant Michael Moose made this statement:  "Maclean is not the only mouse murderer in the vicinity.  At this time of the year when the grass is long, and we cavort and gamble through the summer, felines are known to adopt the watch and wait policy for hours on end, and we just don't see them, they are so still.  So be on your guard, ladies and gentlemen - and keep those children safe!".
The victim's Aunt Minnie (pictured above) said "Our Trevor didn't deserve this.  He deserved to last until next year, and father some kids as well.  Those Felines are just murderers, out and out murderers".
From the Daily Fieldwhiskers; reporter Tongin Cheeeeeek.

copyright SusanMaclean

Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Royal Opera House chairs, and the new upholstery!

Way back in time I said that I had acquired some pure wool herringbone fabric for £12.50 and was going to have the chairs recovered?
 Before - with damask tablecloth dyed grey and seat pads squashed from 10 years use.....

After, with 100% pure wool all reupholstered........ 

Here's the pattern..... this is the true colour, the other pic makes it look dark for some reason.

And here is one of the chairs in situ in front of the painted cabinet.

And guess what?  There is still some fabric left so what a bargain that was!  The chairs are oversized, because they were stage props originally, (hence the dyed tablecloths of the original covering) but they are so comfortable, we have never sat on better, which is why we have had them recovered.  They will never make antiques, they are only painted rubber wood, but we love 'em!

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