Sunday, 16 September 2018

No. More. Plastic. Martin Dorey

I'm not a campaigner really.  I do my own thing because I can't change the world alone.  Yes, I recycle all I can.  But when I spotted this little book on the counter in my local bookshop I thought "hmmmmm, it might be interesting".  It was.

Written in a simplistic style, this book does not hit you over the head and try to convert you into wearing a hair shirt for the rest of your life.  It just gives you some facts and figures, and suggests ways you can help.  I mean - who knew that the freshly baked loaf at the supermarkets of the UK is wrapped in a paper wrapper (good) with a transparent plastic window (BAD! because that particular plastic is  not recyclable).  And how brilliant to suggest that if you buy a sandwich from a local sandwich bar daily, then why not take along an empty lunchbox and get your sandwich popped straight in, unwrapped.  What a novel idea!!

Some good stuff in there aimed at schools and businesses too, which is only to be encouraged.  So don't imagine that I am feeling holier-than-thou, just a tiny bit inspired as to how to use a little less plastic and how to ensure that the stuff that crosses my path gets recycled in the right way.

I am an Air BnB host.  Right from the beginning I decided on "no plastic water bottles for guests".  So I have large glass bottles which first contained a product like fizzy lemonade.  These get washed and filled with tap water every use, and not one guest has ever complained!

When I first started using tampons, the brand I used had cardboard applicators, easy to use and of course, dispose of,  as the card would break down over time.  Fabulous.  And then, suddenly, the company changed to plastic applicators.  Why??  Take a backward step you guys round the board table.  You know who I mean!

No. More. Plastic.: What you can do to make a difference – the #2minutesolution

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