8.  The cloakroom area (or where we hang our coats!) April 2013

7.  Downstairs toilet - "best dressed toilet award"! (by me :) ) February 2013
    Before  -  and ....................After!

6.  Shabby chic wardrobe.  From secondhand bargain to something to love....
Autumn 2012

 Here it is, painted white and with a space at the top where a pair of sliding doors of some kind were originally fitted.

 And here it is now, finished, with a pair of new doors in the top (formerly open section) finished in a "shabby" finish.


5. A desk for my sister - from trash to treasure, with not much effort!     Summer 2012



4.    Here's a little table which I did for a friend.... No "before" pic on this one - it was broken, and dirty brown, and was definitely not an antique..... but it's useable now, and she loves it!
3.       Chapel Chair makeover - bid for and won 2 of these in a charity auction a few years ago for £3!!  One of them now going into our revamped small bedroom so here are the BEFORE AND AFTER.
beat-up and unloved...

painted and ready for use!


2.   Just a couple of the shots from the re-vamping from scratch of our guest bedroom.  These are the BEFORE with walls being stripped back to the stone.

And then there are the AFTERS!!  What a transformation.... and a full set of pics is available on main blog - this was done Sept./Oct. 2012.


1.   Decided you might like to see the things I've done recently.  Sooooo, starting with the bathroom stool from Summer 2011 - here is

BEFORE - this also had a cork seat, which was removed and then sanded down.  Possibly 1950s/1960s?  And AFTER - now matches bathroom!

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