Monday, 30 December 2019

Mrs Mac Suggests - what to read in JANUARY

It's coming - 2020 I mean, and a whole twelve months of lovely reading to follow!  Here in the SW of England, no snow to report, not too much flooding in my town, and quite high temperatures for the time of year so have not even got my winter coat out!

Christmas is over and my sister will be picked up and driven home by a friend today.... she has been with us for two weeks and has eaten everything put in front of her (heartening, I hate a fussy eater!).  She slept well, and for the very first time in her life has perfected the art of a cup of tea with a few pages of a book before she gets dressed........!!

So what are we going to read in 2020?  I read loads in 2019: all listed on Goodreads if you are nosey!

So let's get started on the year.  What shall I suggest for this month?   How about

A book set in a seaside town      

I don't read many series (I like to change things round a bit!), although I have a couple of favourites, but sometime this month I will read the second in the Stephens and Mephisto series.... set in Brighton, and starring a detective and his friend the magician.  Set in the 1950s, it goes from the UK to New York and back.  So I'm looking forward to reading 

The Blood Card - Elly Griffths

Happy New Year everyone.  Don't try too hard, just enjoy what you can!

Sunday, 22 December 2019

Winter, Christmas, Solstice - take your pick for my greeting to you 2019

Red-petaled Flowers on Braches

Here we are as usual.... with greetings to any and all who come across this... my regulars, my once in a while visitors.  And this year my wish is actually for next year.  May 2020 be a good year, a joyful year, a quiet year, full of joy and good health for you and yours.

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Mrs Mac Suggests: What to read in DECEMBER 2019

Sorry!  a day or two late as it's December already, but due to some family emergencies I couldn't get here.... but I'm here now.

It's December, and for some folk that means snow.  Here in the SW of England it's cold but dry and perhaps with NO RAIN for a while - YAY!

So do you get in the Christmas spirit by reading something heartwarming?  Or perhaps something  quite the opposite?

I am suggesting  a book  50 years old or older should be the read for December.  Now that might be

A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens
An English Murder - Cyril Hare

but whatever it is, it sort of needs to be set around the Christmas Season.  I have just read An English Murder (1950) which was a short and sweet English Country House story.  I liked it.  Clever.

So wishing you good reading and a Cool Yule where ever and whoever you are.  Enjoy!

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