JULY 2012 - First set of pics just to show some of the flowers that I have in my garden - lucky to have about 100 ft x 70 ft, which had nothing in it when I arrived 10 years ago, except the cherry tree, a few bulbs, a blue hardy geranium and some campanula (low growing and a strong spreader!)

A real scrambler of a clematis - thousands every summer, and if you have the patience to deadhead, they just go on, and on, and on!  Stems long enough for small flower decorations too!

One of our Peonies - last year.  This year (2012) it hasn't bloomed and is next to a rose with blackspot..... need to move it I think!

A fight to the death.  A yellow spider, and a bumble bee.  The spider won.  No web - just a quick pounce and food for days.

Miniature lilac

Tree Peony

Another Tree Peony

Our Cherry tree in Spring.  Its old (over 20 years), so may not have many years left, and a branch or two falls off every year - but it's worth having, even though within two weeks its all over for another year.  Dark, dark pink, and so lovely.

The initial part of my yellow and white border, last Summer, in it's first year (2011).  The single yellow clematis shown at the beginning of this set of pics comes from that on the left of this picture.   


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