Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Robin Williams dead - another of my heroes gone......

Such sad news yesterday 12 August - that Robin Williams was dead.  Another brilliant actor but again, one who was a sufferer from depression.  I am so fortunate that this has never affected me, but I had a dear friend who was bi-polar, and my OH had a couple of years of depression a few years back.  Why does that bloomin' chemical process in the brain happen, that makes the bearer not able to go on with life?  I do feel for any family involved, whoever or wherever.  It is so hard to cope with.    I saw a terribly cruel comment on a forum somewhere yesterday along the lines of "..... if only these people would think for a moment about their children, their family, they would not do it".  How cruel and unthinking that was, showing no understanding at all of a mental illness or any kind of deviation from that person's "norm".  There is no tap to turned to take depression away, it just is.  Bless any reader who suffers with this, to a greater or smaller extent - so hard to cope with.

As for Mr Williams.  He brought joy to people who didn't even know who he was.  All those little children who must have laughed at that cartoon penguin; or the genie who could not be contained;  the wonderful anti war message in Toys; the mental breakdown shown so well in The Fisher King; the lost boy in Hook; and so many more films that will make sure he lives on.

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