Saturday, 1 October 2016

Mrs Mac suggests..... a book to read for OCtober

Well, leaves, mellow fruitfulness and all that...... here's October, and I'm sure, on your shelves, there will be

 A book you've not read yet but are saving as a treat.

I always have a few that are appealing to me - you know, the whispered "read me, read me" as you pass them by on the shelf, so I can't believe you don't have some of them too. The darker evenings will soon be upon us, time to light the fire, the woodburner, or turn on the heating.... and what better than to snuggle up with one you really want to read!

This month, for me, it's The Whistling Season by Ivan Doig passed on to me by a booky friend (thanks Jeannine!)


  1. I loved this book! He was such a good writer. I also read Work Song, the second in the trilogy. I haven't read the third yet.

  2. I loved it to, Nan. I have Work Song on the shelf, so must pull it off soon and read.


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