Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Mrs Mac Suggests - what to read in DECEMBER

Well..... What comes near the end of December?  Christmas of course, and even if this is not your religious choice, or if you simply have no faith, it is probable that you have some kind of celebration at the end of December.  I always wish my pagan friends a "Cool Yule!"

What to suggest?  I suggest that whatever you choose, it should have the word Christmas in the title, and for me this year, I have two reads.  One I found for myself, and the other a friend passed on to me.

The one I found was  
Crime At Christmas - C H B Kitchin 

because I love a golden age of crime read every now and again and this one looks good, published in 1934 the first time. Cripes!

The one passed on to me was

The Christmas Mystery - Jostein Gaarder 

which is about time travel, a child's disappearance, and a strange man who made an advent calendar a long, long time ago.

Whatever you choose for December, enjoy the read.  Take some time out from phoning/texting, wrapping and cooking and stretching the money, and have a few hours curled up with a good book - that's my wish and my present to you!  

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