Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Modern stained glass - a little bit of joy

I often see old stained glass windows hung or placed close to an existing window for the look of it. 
But have you ever thought about modern stained glass?

Here's my lovely hanging piece of glass..... bought at a gallery in Cornwall several years ago.  You should hang glass up where the light will catch it and this is the west facing window in my living room (I have an east facing also, but I like the situation of the stained glass in this window for a couple of reasons).  The view from this window is into someone else's front garden, so it serves at a bit of a blocker.  Also, afternoon light is really good through the colours in this class.  Finally, we have UPVC windows and this lovely peice of artwork makes you look at it, rather than the plastic!

If you walk into the room at the right time of day, the light through it reflects the colours right across the room.

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