Friday, 31 May 2019

Mrs Mac Suggests - what to read in June '19

Yay!  Summer's coming.  Although if you divide the year up into four using the correct dates, not yet.  Not until the 20-something of June, anyway.  But at Pine Tree Cottage roses are out, the buds on the day lilies are formed, and today the phlomis started to flower - lots of other stuff out already too.

So.  Reading.  What will we read in June?  Let's break out, friends!  I suggest

A book originally published in another language

so here's what I am going to read - a book sent by a friend, languishing unread for too long:

Brodeck's Report by Philippe Claudel

I have no idea why I never show you the cover when I do my monthly suggestion.  Here's the UK paperback cover, and there are loads available for 1p on Amazon if you want to read it too. 
By the way, I read Just William (see last month) and it made me smile - the naughty boy! 


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