Sunday, 18 March 2018

The Royal Rabbits of London – Santa and Simon Sebag Montefiere


Children’s book – cracking adventure about a small, runty rabbit with lots of lovely in-jokes for the adult read-alouder.... the rats who want a pic of the Queen in her nightie are called the  ....Ratzi;  a good looking Royal Rabbit who looks like James Bond in evening dress is called Clooney – and so on. 

Amazon reviewers show that this is a marmite book..... some love it and some hate it.  But some comments worry me, for example "violence"..... Nature in the raw is horrible - you only have to watch David Attenborough's programmes to see that, and yes, rats will eat anything they can, so why not threaten a rabbit?!   This is how children learn about life.   "No coloured illustrations" ..... Oh dear, why not just let the child imagine?  or like me, encourage them to fill in the black and white illustrations with their own colours?

We can't please everyone, but I thought this was brilliant for the read aloud crowd (and the littlies who listen) but of course, also brilliant for me and others like me!!

PS, there is a second book out now, and also I hear, a film in the making!


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