Thursday, 29 March 2018

Tin Man - Sarah Winman


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Ah. That is a sigh.  And maybe, just maybe, this will be my book of the year.  Whatever else I thought about it, it broke my heart.  This is a book that explores many kinds of love but in particular, the love of two friends who meet as children.  It's very short, and my advice is to read it all at once, or at the very least in a couple of big chunks - that way you can envelope yourself in the feelings described and remember what love means to you, or wonder what it should mean.  
The first half of the book is Ellis's story, the Tin Man, who has become emotionless because of circumstances.  A lot of history in this first half, his mother, his friend, his wife, and you can feel his hurt.  The second half of the book is rather different, told in the first person, a sort of diary, or perhaps just a "talking out loud" in the voice of Michael, describing his version of a life and breaking my heart as I read it. I did say that in particular this was the love of two friends who meet as children - but in fact, it is the love they have which is big enough to include a third - the wife of one, the friend of the other
The two parts do knit together, but I am going to read it again to make sure I get everything in the order I think is right on first reading..... don't be put off by that comment, just treat yourself to a wonderful, wonderful book.  
*Sarah Winman is the author of  When God Was a Rabbit and A Year of Marvellous Ways, both of which are very different, but worth seeking out.

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